[IPython-User] All documentation now on Github via gh-pages

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Sat Feb 12 20:05:30 CST 2011

Hi everyone,

Min (who did most of the work) and I just completed moving our docs
over to Github, using the gh-pages system but via the tricks we
discussed before (what I wrote for datarray) that avoid polluting the
main ipython repo with any static HTML content.

The old documentation page on the Moin wiki is now empty and simply points to:


This is actually all nicely generated from a real git repo:


So that any core team member can easily push doc updates.  Note that
this repo contains actually almost zero original content (just an
index.rst page and a trivial build script), all the sources are still
in the doc/ directory of the IPython main repo.  This repo is simply a
static holder of the generated HTML/pdf so that we can take advantage
of gh-pages hosting, 'git push' for publication, and repository
administrative control for permissions (instead of me manually
managing ssh keys on the scipy.org server, which I have no time for).

Thanks to Min for adapting the previous tools and setting things up
with the CSS.

In summary, for contributing to the docs:

- for the actual manual sources, everything is in the real ipython
repo, docs/source directory like always.

- to edit the index page or the css for looks, do fork/clone the -doc
repo and make a pull request on that one (it will be handled just like
any other pull request on the main repo, but likely with quicker
turnaround since there's no major code to review there).



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