[IPython-User] nose-ipdb

jelle jelleferinga@gmail....
Wed Feb 16 07:53:51 CST 2011


There is a pretty cool plugin for nose "nose-ipdb".

Which starts up a ipython sugar coated pdb shell, there where 
you're unittest failed. Very practical indeed!

It would be cool to refactor it such that it doesn't require ipdb
( a < 20 line dependency ). What bothers me is that just the python
 keywords are completed;however, not the variables.

It does something like this:

   ip = ipapi.get()
   p = ipdb.Pdb(ip.options.colors)
   p.interaction(None, tb)

Is there any chance that the locals() and globals() will be used in
 completion? I've been sifting through the IPython code for a while
 now but haven't managed to figure it out.



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