[IPython-User] paging standard output from code executed from the prompt

Deepak Subburam dsubburam@gmail....
Fri Feb 18 17:41:45 CST 2011


While I understand the use of the "%page <obj>" magic command, I can't 
figure out how to page output from "print" statements found in the code 
executed from the prompt. Any tips?

For example:
 >>> import analyse_data
 >>> analyse_data.load('data_file')
 >>> analyse_data.print_results()
[code generates lots of standard output via print statements which get 
dumped to screen]

If I was doing this from the bash prompt, I can simpy pipe the output to 

For example:
$ analyse_data.py --load data_file --print_results | less

Is there a way to do something similar within ipython? This would be 
very useful.


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