[IPython-User] show() blocks in ipython 0.10.1

Éric Depagne eric@depagne....
Mon Mar 7 08:37:32 CST 2011

Hi all.

I'm using ipython 0.10.1 on a 64 bits machine, and I've been hit by what 
appears to be a known bug in ipython.

this discussion

mentions that the show() command is blocking.

And the following script shows the same behaviour:

ipython -wthread

In [1]: import numpy as np                                                                     
In [2]: from enthought.chaco.shell import *
In [4]: x = np.arange(10)
In [5]: y = np.arange(10)
In [6]: plot (x,y)
in [7]: show()

Normally, I would not need the 7th command, the plot should appear and I 
should be able to keep on visualising my plot. But what is shown is only the 
indow where the plot will be, and I need to add the show() command. And it 
blocks the prompt, which is quite annoying.

I do not know if it's ipython, enthought or something else related. I've tried 
on a brand new accound on my machine and the behaviour is the same.

If I can help to track down what's wrong, let me know.

Thanks a lot.


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Éric Depagne                            eric@depagne.org

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