[IPython-User] Problem with matplotlib when running within IPython

Jorge Scandaliaris jorgesmbox-ml@yahoo...
Wed Mar 9 08:19:27 CST 2011

Jorge Scandaliaris <jorgesmbox-ml <at> yahoo.es> writes:

> Hi,
> In the last few days I've been troubleshooting a problem with a script using
> matplotlib (mpl). The script relies on mpl event handling mechanisms to allow
> for some interactions (mouse and keys). I've been adding and modifying to this
> script for a long time. 
> This week I wanted to add some new functionality to it, but started having
> problems with the interactive part, i.e. I couldn't interact with neither the
> mouse nor the keys. Long story short: When the script draws a small number of
> elements (circles, ellipses) everything works as expected. Upon increasing the
> number of elements, the (custom, mpl inbuilt interactions still work) event
> handling stops working. Now the reason I am posting this here is because if I
> run the script directly from python, I don't see the problem.
> Would anyone have any clue about what could be happening? I don't know how to
> debug this either, so any hints will be appreciated.


After some time busy with other stuff, I'd like to solve this issue and avoid
having to run my scripts in bare python.
How can I start debugging this? I am not in comfortable position, as I don't
know much about IPython's nor matplotlib's internals, but if given some pointers
and/or directions, I am willing to get my hands dirty.

I am running both ipython and matplotlib trunk versions, ubuntu 64 bits, python

Thanks in advance,


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