[IPython-User] How to start IP[y] in current folder

Klonuo klonuo@gmail....
Fri Mar 11 03:12:54 CST 2011


I would like to integrate IP[y] in my file manager on Windows 7, but
can't find such option to start it in custom folder. 

Even if I run IP[y] from some folder it default to IPYTHONDIR (which on
Windows equals to %USERPROFILE% environment variable)

I read documentation and Googled a bit, but I refuse to think that
anything related to Python is impossible :D

Also, if I may post quote here about using %USERPROFILE% folder as base -
writing configuration data directly into user's profile folder in
Windows is offensive. It should be written to application data subfolder
Many cross platform apps are making directories directly into %USERPROFILE%
but that doesn't make it correct.

PS. I know I can customize IPYTHONDIR, but it's set there by default

Thanks in advance for your help


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