[IPython-User] ipcluster's ssh mode and logging

Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia ciampagg@usi...
Mon Mar 14 09:16:09 CDT 2011

Hi all,
I run my simulations using ipcluster with both "local" and "ssh" mode.
My tasks take as input command pipes; each task simply runs a simulation 
in a sub-shell (via subprocess.call with shell=1). For example, a 
typical command line is:

python simulation.py -c 3 -b 2 | python postprocess.py > output-51.npy

Now, my simulation.py script writes some valuable information to the 
console's standard error too -- mostly the computation time -- and when 
I run ipcluster in "local" mode I get this console output in the log 
file (cluster.log), while in "ssh" mode I don't. Any ideas why this is 
so and how I could solve the problem? I'm on IPython 0.10.1.


Giovanni L. Ciampaglia
PhD Student
University of Lugano, MACS Lab

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