[IPython-User] Connecting Windows PCs for parallel computing with iPython?

Ghostly ghostility@gmail....
Mon Mar 28 23:36:24 CDT 2011

I really like iPython - been using it for couple of weeks, and I feel
great by it's interaction features.

I'm thinking about my meteorology graduate thesis (which will be couple
of months from now) and wanted to try with Python/Scipy instead FORTRAN
or Matlab/Octave

I was thinking about simple one-column model (perhaps importing already
known FORTRAN programs), and I want to be able to demonstrate parallel
computing with iPython. I've read some articles and watched some on-line
courses, but I'm still not sure how (or if it's possible) to connect 4
Windows PCs for this task. I think I've read somewhere (not sure where)
that maybe it's not supported for Windows but only Unix-like systems.

Also I would like to know this away from the theses, but I wanted to
provide brief introduction.

Thanks in advance

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