[IPython-User] changing the pythonpath when launching ipcluster via ssh

Caius Howcroft caius.howcroft@gmail....
Tue Nov 8 15:00:42 CST 2011

Hi Everyone,

We have been using ipython 0.10 for a while to do some quick parallel
processing. As I dont have root access to my cluster I've been using
the ipcluster/ssh method get things up and running. When I did this in
0.10 I had a custom sshx.sh that modified the PYTHONPATH env before
launching the ipengine to bring in my own modules, however in the new
way of doing things sshx has gone away.

So my question is: what is the best way of modifying the python path
for the engines in the 0.11 way of doing things. Sure I could
"os.path.append" but I would rather not be modifying load paths in

Many thanks


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