[IPython-User] Suggestion about parallel SSH

klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Sun Nov 13 09:16:35 CST 2011

I hope I'm not bothering you, as this is at least third time in this year
I'm writing about IPython parallel

I want to run dirty code on headless node connected in SSH, while I do
other things on main computer.
I read documentation couple of times, but just can't make it work.
Like I issue "ipcluster start --n=2" on main machine, then copy
"ipcontroller-engine.json" from default profile on main PC to same place on
SSH node. I then start "ipengine" on node. Nothing happens. I run "ipengine
--ip=" (as is address of main PC, and is
address of node) - still nothing.

I wanted to suggest that somewhere in Documentation or in IPython wiki or
similar, there is simple terminal walkthrough with working couple of lines,
how to use this parallel feature in general SSH connection, with 2 or 4
machines to be easy to understand, so that anyone can try it following
those steps (assuming SSH). Current documentation is great, but it's
confusing if you try to run this first time, or you forgot how you run it 3
month ago, or you are not an expert in IPython.

Thanks for considering
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