[IPython-User] Changing the banner dynamically, from within a Plugin subclass

Federico Maggi federico@maggi...
Thu Nov 17 04:37:14 CST 2011

    I've got a problem similar to the one described in this thread:

    * http://mail.scipy.org/pipermail/ipython-user/2011-September/008440.html

I wrote a Plugin subclass that, besides other things, changes the
prompt and modifies the banner. The idea is that the users of my
plugin will only need to add this

    c.TerminalIPythonApp.extensions = ['mytoolset.myplugin',]

into their ipython_profile.py and the plugin will do everything. I
don't want them to teach how to change the banner, prompt, etc, by
modifying their ipython_profile.py file, I just want to give them one
file and that's it.

Problem: when a plugin loads it seems that it's already too late for
changing the banner.

Any solution?

Thanks in advance. Cheers,

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