[IPython-User] pdoc without header

Tiago Coutinho coutinhotiago@gmail....
Mon Nov 28 04:50:16 CST 2011


I use IPython to provide a command line user interface to scientists.
Some of them don't know python and others do but they all have in common
that when they type something like:


(ascan is one of the magic commands I extend ipython with) they don't want
to see the full header:

Type: [...]
Base Class: [...]
String Form: [...]
Namespace: [...]
File: [...]
Definition: [...]
<actual magic command documentation>

Is there any way to remove the header or configure which parts of the
header to show?
I was browsing through the 0.11 code for pdoc but could not find a easy way
to do it besides rewriting pdoc.

Thanks in advance
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