[IPython-User] Installing IPython under Python 3 on Windows

Paul Moore p.f.moore@gmail....
Thu Oct 6 14:15:38 CDT 2011

Apologies if this would be better on the developers list. Let me know
and I'll repost there if so.

I use Python 3 these days, and wanted to give the new IPython a go.
Looking at the Python 3 wiki page, the build instructions seem to be a
bit Unix-oriented. I'm working on Windows, and while I'm a developer
and perfectly happy on the command line, I'm not looking to try to
build complex binary dependencies like PyQT and zeromq - I'd much
rather grab binary builds of whatever I can.

I've installed PyQT and pyzmq from binary installers. In installed
distribute, as it looks like I need this to build an IPython
installer. OK, now I can build a bdist_wininst installer for IPython
from the Python3 git branch.

I tried the QT console. Looks like I need pyreadline (installed from a
windows installer) and pygments (easy_installed, as there is no Python
3 installer and I'm bored of building my own)

The QT Console command now works - sort of. ipython3-qtconsole.exe
starts a console window with what looks like a kernel running, and a
window with what looks like IPython (header lines and a few help
lines). But there's no prompt, and I can't type into the window at
all. Closing the console window offers to just kill the console or to
kill the kernel as well, so something's working OK.

I can't run the command line version as I get

PS D:\Data\ipython-ipython-py3k-17bd8df> py -3
Error in sys.excepthook:
TypeError: _isdir() takes exactly 1 argument (0 given)

(I had to use the script here, as the EXE version opens a separate
console window, which closes before I can capture the error).

I appreciate that Python 3 support is new, and I guess that Windows
support will be secondary to Unix. But should I be expecting better
than this, or is this about the state of things on Python 3/Windows at
the moment?


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