[IPython-User] Installing IPython under Python 3 on Windows

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Thu Oct 6 14:46:02 CDT 2011

On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 12:15, Paul Moore <p.f.moore@gmail.com> wrote:

> Apologies if this would be better on the developers list. Let me know
> and I'll repost there if so.
> I use Python 3 these days, and wanted to give the new IPython a go.
> Looking at the Python 3 wiki page, the build instructions seem to be a
> bit Unix-oriented. I'm working on Windows, and while I'm a developer
> and perfectly happy on the command line, I'm not looking to try to
> build complex binary dependencies like PyQT and zeromq - I'd much
> rather grab binary builds of whatever I can.
> I've installed PyQT and pyzmq from binary installers. In installed
> distribute, as it looks like I need this to build an IPython
> installer. OK, now I can build a bdist_wininst installer for IPython
> from the Python3 git branch.

The separate py3k git repo is defunct, as described on its github page.
 Trunk should
now be installable on py3k.

> I tried the QT console. Looks like I need pyreadline (installed from a
> windows installer) and pygments (easy_installed, as there is no Python
> 3 installer and I'm bored of building my own)
> The QT Console command now works - sort of. ipython3-qtconsole.exe
> starts a console window with what looks like a kernel running, and a
> window with what looks like IPython (header lines and a few help
> lines). But there's no prompt, and I can't type into the window at
> all. Closing the console window offers to just kill the console or to
> kill the kernel as well, so something's working OK.
> I can't run the command line version as I get
> PS D:\Data\ipython-ipython-py3k-17bd8df> py -3
> d:\Apps\Python32\Scripts\ipython3-script.py
> Error in sys.excepthook:
> TypeError: _isdir() takes exactly 1 argument (0 given)

This has been fixed in master:

> (I had to use the script here, as the EXE version opens a separate
> console window, which closes before I can capture the error).
> I appreciate that Python 3 support is new, and I guess that Windows
> support will be secondary to Unix. But should I be expecting better
> than this, or is this about the state of things on Python 3/Windows at
> the moment?

IPython's dev team is small, and bugs specific to py3k or windows often go
overlooked for a while, because
we have zero developers (and few users) who use Windows, and the same for
Python 3.  The bug you encountered affects only python3 on Windows, so it
took quite some time before it came up, but it did, and has been fixed.

We do officially support Python 3 now, and we definitely support Windows,
but you should probably expect a pretty rough road using IPython on
py3k+Windows for a while.

Please do keep bug reports coming!


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