[IPython-User] Keybindings on Ubuntu

thron7 thron7@users.sourceforge....
Fri Oct 7 06:58:09 CDT 2011

On 10/07/2011 12:45 PM, Thomas Kluyver wrote:
> On 7 October 2011 11:20, thron7 <thron7@users.sourceforge.net
> <mailto:thron7@users.sourceforge.net>> wrote:
>     I'm struggling with keybindings. I'm running a 0.11 ipython-qtconsole on
>     an Ubuntu 10.4 with Python 2.6.5. I'm trying to use Ctrl-r to do a
>     search on past inputs, but nothing happens. The key seems to be ignored.
>     (Works ok in the terminal version). Am I overlooking something?
> That's a feature of readline, which is a terminal library. We emulate
> some readline features in the qt console, but not that one (yet).

Alright, then that's sorted. I wondered if it might be a setting or 
option I could tweak. - So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the 
feature will make it into master soon :).

> As a compromise, if you type the first few letters of the command you're
> looking for, then hit the up arrow, it should skip to the previous
> command starting with those letters. This works in both the terminal and
> the Qt console.

Yep, found this one in the %quickhelp. I usually rely a lot on Ctrl-r, 
but will be able to manage :).

Thanks again,

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