[IPython-User] ipython crashes on sample snippet

MinRK benjaminrk@gmail....
Sat Oct 8 17:09:06 CDT 2011

Not being a tesseract user, this may be completely wrong, but a quick
googling seemed to suggest that this error can be caused by locale issues,
and PyGTK does some manual locale fiddling, which has been known to cause

Do you see the same issue if you use other backends, e.g. `ipython --pylab
qt`, or `ipython qtconsole --pylab inline`?


On Sat, Oct 8, 2011 at 14:41, Klonuo Umom <klonuo@gmail.com> wrote:

> Both ipython console and qtconsole when invoked with --pylab crashes on
> this example snippet: http://code.google.com/p/python-tesseract/
> Normal Python prompt with 'import pylab' does not seem to have problem
> Problem is at this line:
> api.SetPageSegMode(tesseract.PSM_AUTO)
> Error is:
> Error: Illegal min or max specification!
> signal_termination_handler:Error:Signal_termination_handler called:Code
> 5002
> Segmentation fault
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