[IPython-User] Example similar to "ipython -p physics" for ipython 0.11?

Georg Brandl g.brandl@gmx....
Sun Oct 16 13:15:26 CDT 2011

Am 28.09.2011 04:48, schrieb Arthur Woll:
> Hi all,
> I'm looking for an example of how to use ipython to implement (modest) input
> prefiltering as described in various places for pre-0.11 versions of ipython.
> For example the old ipthonrc-physics "profile" (loaded using "ipython -p
> physics") allows input such as:
> In [1]: a = 10 lb
> (Described here:  http://fperez.org/papers/ipython07_pe-gr_cise.pdf)
> and translates this to 
> a = PhysicalQuantityInteractive(10, 'lb')
> Any suggestions?

Hi Arthur (and IPython community),

I've just today wondered about the same thing, and quickly written a replacement
(that does even more syntactic sugaring).  You can get it here:


Please let me know if this is interesting for you; I'll gladly give anyone
push privileges and we can make this a standard extension for physicists who
want to use IPython as a glorified calculator :)


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