[IPython-User] Tab completion in qtconsole

thron7 thron7@users.sourceforge....
Mon Oct 17 10:33:21 CDT 2011

IPython 0.11 on Linux here.

Tab completion in the qtconsole is acting strange for me. E.g. in a 
modestly sized window doing

import os

will bring up the list of members in os alright. The list is scrollable 
so I'm able to look through it even if it exceeds the window size. But 
the scroll size is only the height of the member list, and I cannot get 
back to the prompt where I typed the TAB. I don't know if typing does 
anything to the prompt, it is invisible to me. I have to ESC to cancle 
the selection list (RETURN does nothing), then I get the "os." prompt again.

In selection lists smaller than the current window (e.g. with typing 
"os.get<TAB>") I see both the prompt and the list, typing more 
characters then TAB updates the selection, and RETURN will execute the 
current prompt.

(I also had cases where the selection list was cut when it was larger 
than the current window, but cannot reproduce that reliably).


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