[IPython-User] zmq 3.x compatibility

Flavio Coelho fccoelho@gmail....
Mon Oct 17 10:56:07 CDT 2011


Is it possible for Ipython-qtconsole to be fixed to run with ZMQ 3.0?

I use zmq for other projects, I have already ported my code to work with 3.0
and downgrading my installation to be able to run Ipython, is not something
I look forward to.

the Documentation says it is possible to emulate 3.0 API in 2.x:


Considering 3.x is the future, It might not hurt to speed this aspect of
Ipython evolution.

this the Error I am getting:

in recv(self=<IPython.zmq.session.Session object>,
socket=<zmq.core.socket.Socket object>, mode=1, content=True, copy=True)
    577         # split multipart message into identity list and message
    578         # invalid large messages can cause very expensive string
--> 579         idents, msg_list = self.feed_identities(msg_list, copy)
    580         try:
    581             return idents, self.unpack_message(msg_list,
content=content, copy=copy)

in feed_identities(self=<IPython.zmq.session.Session object>,
msg_list=['\xcf$|3'], copy=True)
    607         """
    608         if copy:
--> 609             idx = msg_list.index(DELIM)
    610             return msg_list[:idx], msg_list[idx+1:]
    611         else:

ValueError: '<IDS|MSG>' is not in list

thanks in advance,

Flávio Codeço Coelho
+55(21) 3799-5567
Escola de Matemática Aplicada
Fundação Getúlio Vargas
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
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