[IPython-User] Tab completion in qtconsole

thron7 thron7@users.sourceforge....
Mon Oct 17 11:15:06 CDT 2011

On 10/17/2011 05:40 PM, Thomas Kluyver wrote:
> On 17 October 2011 16:33, thron7 <thron7@users.sourceforge.net
> <mailto:thron7@users.sourceforge.net>> wrote:
>     will bring up the list of members in os alright. The list is scrollable
>     so I'm able to look through it even if it exceeds the window size. But
>     the scroll size is only the height of the member list, and I cannot get
>     back to the prompt where I typed the TAB. I don't know if typing does
>     anything to the prompt, it is invisible to me. I have to ESC to cancle
>     the selection list (RETURN does nothing), then I get the "os."
>     prompt again.
> This is by design, although it is rather unclear if you're not used to
> it. When you view tab completions or object? info longer than the
> window, you get a pager temporarily replacing the console. Hitting q or
> Esc takes you back to the console.
> This actually happens in the terminal as well: if you do "import os",
> then "os?" in a smallish terminal, it goes into a pager. But it doesn't
> happen for tab completion.

Actually, for me os.<TAB> does do the same in the terminal. But while 
I'm aware that I'm in a pager there, which I have to 'q'uit to get back 
to the prompt, it wasn't clear for me in the qtconsole. There, things 
seem more seamless, with the entire window being scrollable all the 
time, including all the ins and outs, so I was halfway expecting to be 
able to both see the tab completion *while* continuing to type at the 
prompt (and maybe the completion being updated). - Obviously a case of 
overshooting expections :).

Anyway, thanks for the clarification.


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