[IPython-User] Custom color stylesheets for iPython qtconsole

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Wed Oct 19 13:29:10 CDT 2011

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 11:17 AM, Aaron Meurer <asmeurer@gmail.com> wrote:
> Now if only we could get themes for the terminal...

Doable, and on our todo list for the longer term.  In fact, we want to
move from a model where we hard-code coloring as ansi escapes (what we
have today, and understandable given the historical path ipython took
to becoming what it is), to a higher-level description of coloring
that can then be translated into something each frontend can

Right now we've had (for the sake of getting something working) to
build rather gross hacks: both the qt console and the notebook take
ansi escapes and manually reprocess them into CSS that Qt/a web
browser can understand.

Instead, it would probably make sense to use CSS as the high-level
encoding of coloring (without an applied stylesheet) and let each
client style the CSS input according to its capabilities.  The
terminal would then simply transform the CSS styling into ansi

But that's longer-term todo, at least for the core team.  PRs welcome!!


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