[IPython-User] how to setup python notebook to run on a local network

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Sun Oct 30 12:49:44 CDT 2011

Hi All,

really thanks for the python notebook, i found it really powerful!
i'm able to run it on my laptop using the standard 'localhost' IP address,
running python using :

ipython notebook --pylab=inline

now i'd like to access the notebook from an other computer that use the same local network,
to do it i'm running python as follow :

ipython notebook --pylab=inline --ip=''

(where is the local IP for the computer where python is running)

in this way i'm able to open the notebook .. but running any command it doesn't print any results

like :

In [1]:

a = 5
In [2]:


nothing is printed.

instead running on localhost i have :
In [1]:

a = 5
In [2]:

on localhost it works as aspected.

can you help me to learn how to properly setup python notebook to run on my local network, in order to acres it from other computer on the same network ?
i guess there are some settings i have to tune …

thanks for any help!

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