[IPython-User] [IPython-user] No output in notebook when accessed outside localhost

eklavyaa eklavyaa@gmail....
Mon Oct 31 08:46:04 CDT 2011

I am unable to get any output in the IPython notebook when I try to access it
remotely. I do get an output when I access it locally. 

Here's the setup

Python 2.7.2 
IPython 0.12.dev 
Tornado Version: 2.0git 
Mathjax https://github.com/mathjax/MathJax/tarball/v1.1

# start notebook on machine-1 
$ ipython notebook --ip=* --port=5555 

Now when I start Chrome (14.0.785.0 (Developer Build 87778 Linux)) on
machine-1, shift-enter works fine. I access the notebook through
http://machine1:5555. Here's the output:

In [1]: x = 1 
In [2]: print x 

However, when I do exactly the same thing from machine-2 (sits on a shared
filesystem, so I am using exactly the same Chrome binary and same Chrome
profile), shift-Enter just returns to the prompt without printing out

In [ ]: x = 1 
In [ ]: print x 
In [ ]: 

(Note that the line numbers are not getting printed either) 

Any inputs would be appreciated.

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