[IPython-User] vim-ipython (on OSX Lion)

Paul Ivanov pivanov314@gmail....
Wed Sep 14 00:49:30 CDT 2011

Randy, thanks for your patience, read on...

Randy Heiland, on 2011-09-13 04:59,  wrote:
> On Sep 13, 2011, at 12:34 AM, Paul Ivanov wrote:
> > Randy Heiland, on 2011-09-10 15:26,  wrote:
> >> and then try to enter a 'import os'<ctl-s>, but it doesn't
> >> appear in the qtconsole.
> > 
> > Last time I checked, though this may have changed, the qtconsole
> > doesn't listen on subchannel (the way, the vim-ipython shell,
> > does, for example) to see what other clients are sending to the
> > kernel, and redisplay the output. In the qtconsole, you can check
> > the last Out variable which is just called _
> > 
> > The way to check if you line worked is if just 'os' caused a
> > NameError before you hit Ctrl-S on the import os line, and
> > returns <module 'os' from '/path/to/your/python2.6/os.pyc'>
> > afterwards.
> I'm not sure I'm parsing your comment correctly, but I'm not
> seeing any "hidden" output in the qtconsole using '_'.
> Regardless, see next comment…
> > Another possibility is that the Ctrl-S isn't working for you,
> > which might be the case if you're running from inside screen. On
> > successful connection, vim-ipython binds the kernel manager's
> > shell_channel.execute function to send, so you can try sending
> > this command from vim
> > 
> > :py send("vim_ipython='works'")
> I'm not sure what you mean by running "from inside screen".  I
> simply issue my 'vim' from a Mac "Terminal" (bash) shell.  

Ok, you're not inside GNU Screen, then.

> Nothing shows up in qtconsole when I do this from my vim
> session (and I also tried doing the '_' in the qtconsole to see
> if it was somehow hidden.

Right now, the qtconsole doesn't update itself when you send something from
vim-ipython (or from any other frontend) - this functionality has
not been implemented yet (this is what I was trying to say with
the paragraph about qtconsole not listening on subchannel).

The way to check if your command got sent would be to try to use
or print the vim_ipython variable inside qtconsole (after sending
the assignment statement for it from vim-ipython)

Another way to check would be to hit \d in vim with your cursor
on the word vim_ipython after sending its definition - this will
bring up it docstring (assuming that \ is your <leader> which it
is by default in vim)

> Maybe I'll get around to trying this on a Windows machine in
> the next few days just to see if things work for me there.

Paul Ivanov
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