[IPython-User] per user notebook instances

Moritz Emanuel Beber moritz.beber@googlemail....
Wed Sep 21 03:38:43 CDT 2011

Dear list users,

ever since the Euro SciPy this year, I've wanted to use the IPython 
notebook for teaching. Inspired by some of Fernando Perez' ideas, I've 
written some code that allows me to set up user accounts and working 
material for my lab course. I then launch separate notebook kernels for 
each user in their directory and I can also kill them.

The code has a few caveats:

    * After launching the notebook kernels, I start a web server with a
      single page that directs students to their notebook via links. Can
      the notebook be password protected? Right now, everyone can access
      everybody else's notebook via the web page.
    * The code is currently _linux only_, this is because of the way
      user accounts are set up. It is really easy to replace those
      commands with the mac variant, though.
    * There is no test code at all.

The code is available on github: 
<https://github.com/Midnighter/Notebooks-Launcher> and I think it's 
decently commented.

Forks, comments, issues are all very welcome.

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