[IPython-User] per user notebook instances

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Wed Sep 21 15:20:45 CDT 2011

Hi Moritz,

On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 1:38 AM, Moritz Emanuel Beber
<moritz.beber@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Dear list users,
> ever since the Euro SciPy this year, I've wanted to use the IPython notebook
> for teaching. Inspired by some of Fernando Perez' ideas, I've written some
> code that allows me to set up user accounts and working material for my lab
> course. I then launch separate notebook kernels for each user in their
> directory and I can also kill them.
> The code has a few caveats:
> After launching the notebook kernels, I start a web server with a single
> page that directs students to their notebook via links. Can the notebook be
> password protected? Right now, everyone can access everybody else's notebook
> via the web page.
> The code is currently linux only, this is because of the way user accounts
> are set up. It is really easy to replace those commands with the mac
> variant, though.
> There is no test code at all.
> The code is available on github:
> http://github.com/Midnighter/Notebooks-Launcher and I think it's decently
> commented.
> Forks, comments, issues are all very welcome.

Great!!  Many thanks for making this available!  We'll link to it
later on from the public docs/page once 0.12 is officially released.

I remember talking to a few people at EuroScipy about precisely this
very design, sorry if my memory fails me and I don't recall if I had
the conversation with you personally or not.  But regardless, it's
great to have this: a simple, lightweight mechanism to run the
notebook for a group of students without having to build an entire web
app/database, etc.  Awesome contribution.



ps - in case you're not on the -dev list, this morning Thomas noted
that Tornado had made an official 2.1 release with the websockets
stuff we need.  So there are no more from-git dependencies for the
IPython notebook, now the latest officially released versions of zmq
and tornado are sufficient.

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