[IPython-User] modify a running script (MinRK)

xDog Walker thudfoo@gmail....
Sat Sep 24 11:42:51 CDT 2011

On Saturday 2011 September 24 06:25, reckoner wrote:
> doesn't make it out of the loop even if the value of 'a' has been changed
> from inside the embedded IPython call. I don't understand where the
> signal is being
> captured in the code and where it resumes from.

From the Fine Manual:

Embedding IPython

It is possible to start an IPython instance inside your own Python programs. 
This allows you to evaluate dynamically the state of your code, operate with 
your variables, analyze them, etc. Note however that any changes you make to 
values while in the shell do not propagate back to the running code, so it is 
safe to modify your values because you won’t break your code in bizarre ways 
by doing so.

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