[IPython-User] Ipython on Windows - duplicate prompt

Paul Moore p.f.moore@gmail....
Tue Apr 10 09:00:21 CDT 2012

I don't know if this is a common issue, I've done some searches on the
internet but can't see any comments on it.

I'm using Python 3.2, pyreadline 2.0-dev1 and ipython 0.12 on Windows
(in a virtualenv using pip install ipython; pip install pyreadline).
When I start ipython3.exe, the "In" prompt is doubled, and tab
completion seems to repeat the prompt even more. Here's a screenshot,
showing the various versions and the prompt doubling:

In [5]:
In [5]:
In [5]: !pip freeze

In [6]:
In [6]:
In [6]: !python -V
Python 3.2.2

It seems to be related to pyreadline, as it stops when that is
uninstalled. It happens whether or not coloured prompts are in use.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

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