[IPython-User] Google Codejam notebook template

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Fri Apr 13 06:16:26 CDT 2012

The qualification round for Google Codejam starts later today. I've
updated my template for codejam solutions into a notebook - it's just
a bit of boilerplate for the usual input and output formats the
contest uses. I've put it in a gist, and anyone's welcome to use it:


Direct download:

The .ipynb file is in notebook format 3, so you'll need the
development version (not 0.12) to open it. If you prefer to stick with
0.12, the gist also includes a .py version which you should be able to

I think it should be OK to upload a notebook as source code (it's
readable using freely available tools), but if you're concerned about
that, you can start the notebook server with the '--script' option,
which will save a .py file every time you save the notebook.


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