[IPython-User] Fwd: [IPython-dev] plaintext cells now called 'raw'

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Sun Apr 15 01:57:36 CDT 2012

Heads-up for users collaborating on notebooks with git master,

notebook format v3 in 0.13 will introduce a new 'raw' cell, for entering content
that should be passed untransformed during export to other formats
(e.g. for typing raw LaTeX or reST etc.).

This was called 'plaintext' until today, when this PR was merged, replacing
'plaintext' with 'raw', which makes a good deal more sense.  If you
were using this `plaintext` cell,
they will be renamed to 'raw' automatically, but you should be careful
if you are collaborating
with users also on master, to ensure that you update IPython together,
as master older than today will
not recognize the 'raw' cell-type.

We do try to be conservative with this sort of thing, but the name
seemed problematic, and with a relatively
low-profile feature only in master for a little while, it seemed
better to fix the name, than have some convoluted code
like a notebook version increment.


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