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Perumalla, Krishna Kumar krishna.perumalla@capgemini....
Mon Apr 16 08:49:17 CDT 2012

Thanks. How will have to add custom styling? Also, is it possible to add hyperlinks which would act as a pipe to another cell reference and execute? (execution can be done via the js maybe)
the html styling "<b>hello</b><i>world</i>" does not need any stylesheets.

Using firebug, I figured that the class used to encapsulate the "<b>hello</b><i>world</i>" is "box_flex1 output_subarea output_html rendered_html"
I tried to remove the classes dynamically using firebug, but not of much use!

Could you please suggest? (I am very poor with css) :(.


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This is a css issue.  These cells have a clean css stylesheet so you will need to add your own styling.



On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 1:55 PM, Krishna Kumar <krishnakumar85@gmail.com<mailto:krishnakumar85@gmail.com>> wrote:

I have been working on ipython for around a week and it is very nice. I have installed the ipython 0.13b (dev). The new notebook interface is very cool and impressive. I tried this out:

from IPython.core.display import HTML

class A(HTML):
    def __init__(self):
        self.wrong = 3
        self.correct = 5

    def calc(self):
        self.wrong += 2
        self.correct -= 1

    def _repr_html_(self):
        return "<i>wrong</i><b>%i</b><i>correct</i><b>%i</b>"%(self.wrong, self.correct)


When the code is executed, the output is not html, it displays as "wrong3correct5" (But when the same is pasted in this email, it displays properly... wrong3correct5, which indicates that the browser is not rendering the italics and the bold properly).

When I tried with:
return "<table><tr><td>wrong</td><td>%i</td></tr><tr><td>correct</td><td>%i</td></tr></table></b>"%(self.wrong, self.correct)
It shows:
Out[4]: (in table)




What could be the issue?

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