[IPython-User] User survey findings

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Mon Apr 23 05:53:03 CDT 2012

On 23 April 2012 07:24, Fernando Perez <fperez.net@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks again for writing up this summary (after doing all the work of
> running the survey)!  I just realized that the survey is kind of
> hidden on the site right now: nothing links to it directly.  Where
> would you prefer to link it from?  The sidebar 'More Info' section?
> The documentation section?  Having a couple of links to it would help
> discoverability, and at the end of 2012 or in 2013 we might want to
> reactivate it to see what has changed once a year or two have gone
> by...

It's linked from the news page. I'm not sure that it fits naturally
anywhere else, although I agree that it would be nice to have another
link to it. I feel that the front page is getting quite cluttered, and
we should resist the temptation to add more links there without a
really good rationale. Perhaps it should go under 'other useful

> The industry breakdown is indeed quite interesting... This makes me
> think:  I'd love it if folks could provide us with short 'IPython
> success' stories we could add to the site (and they could come from
> any origin, not just industry but also academia and hobbyists).

That does sound like a good idea. The python.org homepage has a
similar success stories box on the right hand side. There were a few
interesting tidbits in the user survey - but the downside of making it
anonymous is that we can't get back in touch with those users


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