[IPython-User] Running profile startup files in an embedded IPython instance

Kevin Tran hekevintran@gmail....
Mon Apr 23 14:34:05 CDT 2012

> Yes, %store is not a builtin magic but an extension, just load it when
> you start:
> %load_ext storemagic

I having trouble understanding the difference between embedded shells and non-embedded shells.

I believe that my ipython_config.py is run when the embedded shell starts. In ipython_config.py I have `c.TerminalInteractiveShell.autocall = 1`. The autocall setting is respected by both embedded and non-embedded shells. When I remove the autocall setting, autocall doesn't work in embedded nor non-embedded shells. This makes sense to me.

Why is it that by default %store is loaded in non-embedded shells (at least it is for me) and not in embedded shells? Is it because non-embedded shells have all the extension magic modules loaded and embedded shells do not?

Another strange thing about %store is that my stored values are not visible with %whos. %whos prints "Interactive namespace is empty." even though I have a macro that was stored and I can run the macro. A related thing is that after I load %store in an embedded shell, the macro is visible with %whos. Why is the macro not in the output of %whos in a non-embedded shell, but is there in an embedded shell? Or did I miss something else?

Where is the list of extension magic modules?

Thanks for the help.

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