[IPython-User] Fwd: adding control to notebook

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Mon Apr 23 14:39:12 CDT 2012

On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 3:55 AM, Zoltán Vörös <zvoros@gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings Fernando,
> Yes, you are right, that was done by accident. Thanks for moving it to
> the mailing list!

>> To me this seems over-generous. I mean, letting the user load their
>> own JS and so on. Then the ipython notebook is going to evolve into a

Note that we *already* allow that, with the Javascript objects.
What's missing is an api for callbacks, which is coming from the
ongoing refactor.

>> Of course, if you want to go further, e.g., make the figures also
>> interactive, that might be a different issue. Actually, interactive
>> figures are something that I miss a bit in the notebook. I see that I
>> can use the notebook "outline". I wonder whether this question has
>> come up in development. And whether an embeddable terminal, like the
>> canvas terminal of gnuplot could be a solution here. In other words,
>> what would be easier: make the notebook frontend be aware of a static
>> image, with coordinate tracking at least (zooming might be a bit
>> harder), or have a terminal based on JS directly from matplotlib? A

A full blown canvas/js backend for matplotlib would be nice to have,
but it's a ton of work.  We're certainly not the ones who will tackle
that one.

>> canvas terminal would have the advantage that it could be used
>> independent of ipython in the sense that one could just use the html
>> output, and ipython would not have to run. It could be great for web
>> pages, where one cannot run an ipython server. Anyway, if you think
>> that this could be useful, I could just look around at matplotlib, and
>> raise this issue with the developers there. In fact, it is quite easy
>> to turn an SVG file into a JS, so one could "hack" it, even if it was
>> not supported officially. But this might not fly with you.

At this point, I think all avenues are worth exploring.  We'll have to
see what works well and what doesn't, so if you're interested in this,
by all means pitch in with matplotlib-dev!

>>> We just need to be patient and not implement the first hack that comes to mind
>>> :)
>> Right. And this is why I formulated my question as asking for hints. I
>> am really grateful for ipython in general, and I don't want to be seen
>> as someone whining about missing features and so on. I am willing to
>> invest some effort into making things happen, but I didn't know where
>> to start.

Yes, it's still a bit of a big beast to dive into... I'd suggest you
just pick a small, specific problem that interests you, and hopefully
that will pry open the whole thing for more contributions later.
That's typically how it works...



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