[IPython-User] dynamic notebook graph

Michaelian Ennis michaelian.ennis@gmail....
Mon Apr 23 12:20:28 CDT 2012

I just realized I sent this to dev instead of user.  Moving it over.

I have a method, say, obj.getstats()  that returns data structure
that looks like:

            {'22': {'port': '22',
              'kind': 'tcp',
              'read': {'rate': '0.000', 'avg': '0', 'max': '0'},
              'write': {'rate': '0.000', 'avg': '0', 'max': '0'}},
             '80': {'port': '80',
              'kind': 'tcp',
              'read': {'rate': '0.677', 'avg': '2', 'max': '15'},
              'write': {'rate': '0.000', 'avg': '0', 'max': '0'}},
             '443': {'port': '443',
              'kind': 'tcp',
              'read': {'rate': '0.677', 'avg': '1', 'max': '20'},
              'write': {'rate': '0.000', 'avg': '0', 'max': '0'}}

every time its called.  I'd like to graph this data in a simple bar
graph but have that graph update every so many seconds.  I'd like to
to this in notebook.  Is there support for such a thing?  If so what
do I need to read to get it working?


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