[IPython-User] No response to client from ipcontroller

Adam Davis addavis@fosterandpartners....
Tue Apr 24 08:54:02 CDT 2012

Hi Fernando,

The problem persists with 0.13-dev pulled from git master. I can
successfully distribute tasks when the controller is invoked from the
ipython/parallel/apps directory, but not when it is invoked from the
Python/Scripts directory (neither via the compiled executable nor via
ipcontroller-script.py in that directory).

Also, when running the controller from this checkout, I'm getting a log

	ERROR:root:Shouldn't have handled a send event

It is emitted every second (I'm guessing), probably in time with the
heartbeat. This doesn't prevent the cluster from running and it starts
immediately after the normal information logged on startup of the

Let me know if there's any more information I can supply to help in
troubleshooting either of these issues.



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On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 6:55 AM, Adam Davis
<addavis@fosterandpartners.com> wrote:
> The controller does not seem to distribute tasks to the engines when 
> invoked through the ipcontroller executable in the Scripts directory 
> of my python installation. Can anyone suggest why this might be?

Sorry Adam, did this ever get sorted out on your side?  If not, could
you try with current git master and see if the problem persists?  If
there's a bug in the underlying code blocking client access, we'd like
to reproduce it to ensure it's fixed before 0.13 goes out.

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