[IPython-User] Swap enter and shift-enter in notebook?

Michael McNeil Forbes michael.forbes+ipython@gmail....
Thu Aug 2 18:38:20 CDT 2012

On 2 Aug 2012, at 12:39 AM, Matthias Bussonnier wrote:
> If you use 0.14 dev. you can overwrite ipython file without touching  
> the server.
> Just add them into .ipython/profile/profile_xxx/

Ah, great.  That is what I was looking for.
Le 2 août 2012 08:35, "Zoltán Vörös" <zvoros@gmail.com> a écrit:


> As for Maple, it was stated many a time that the ipython frontend was
> inspired by Mathematica, and I believe, in this case it did really  
> make
> sense: working with larger blocks of code, you would want to enter a
> newline more frequently than execute the cell.

The default may be fine, but even after several days of using notebook

(which I am really excited to use btw!), I still have been unable to  

my fingers. I realized now that this is due to several other programs  

* Most terminal applications execute after enter (python, ipython, etc.)

* Programs that allow multiline input use shift-enter to do this.  In  

   Skype behaves this way, as do many web-based forms.

I am not trying to argue that the default should be swapped, but  
pointing out

that it may not be completely intuitive... but given a way of locally  

this, it becomes a non-issue.  I will post back to verify that it works.


P.S. Sorry about the double post - I think it was because I had not  

my +ipython alias properly so my first post did not go through.  I  
fixed the alias,

reposted (the message appeared immediately), but eventually my  
original message

trickled through.

P.P.S. If I have any comments (rather than questions) about the  
notebook experience,

should I start discussions here, or register and directly add them to  
the wiki?


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