[IPython-User] Swap enter and shift-enter in notebook?

MinRK benjaminrk@gmail....
Thu Aug 2 18:53:18 CDT 2012

> I realized now that this is due to several other programs
> too:
> * Most terminal applications execute after enter (python, ipython, etc.)
> * Programs that allow multiline input use shift-enter to do this.  In
> particular,
>    Skype behaves this way, as do many web-based forms.

The difference between the notebook and these other examples is that they
are really single-line inputs that *allow* you to do multiline when you
need it. Adding newlines in these environments is rare relative to the
number of single-line inputs you submit.

The notebook is different in that multiline input is considered the natural
state.  For instance, based on average length of my cells, I tend to add a
new line roughly 10-20 times more often than I run a cell, in which case
swapping which action requires a modifier key makes very little sense.  It
is also true that the penalty for accidental newline if you forget to hit
shift to execute is much smaller than the penalty for accidental execution
if you forgot to *prevent* execution.
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