[IPython-User] Swap enter and shift-enter in notebook?

Michael McNeil Forbes michael.forbes+ipython@gmail....
Thu Aug 2 19:38:34 CDT 2012

On 2 Aug 2012, Thomas Kluyver and MinRK wrote:
>> The difference between the notebook and these other examples is  
>> that they
>> are really single-line inputs that *allow* you to do multiline when  
>> you need
>> it. Adding newlines in these environments is rare relative to the  
>> number of
>> single-line inputs you submit.
> I've used neither Mathematica nor Maple, and I found the shift-enter
> to execute model quite easy to pick up quickly. Editing within each
> cell is much like writing code in a regular text editor.

It is all a matter of perspective.  I am *constantly* executing code  
by mistake
with shift-enter!  I agree with all the arguments for the current  
default, but
I am finding it extremely hard to swap these in my muscle memory (and  
am not
sure I want to since I use Maple a lot too, but hope to replace it  
with SymPy
at some point:-).

I am using notebook as a terminal replacement... I usually type a  
single line,
then want to execute it to see the result, then I edit it later adding  
lines, followed by another execute.  So I have pretty much an equal  
of enters and shift-enters.


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