[IPython-User] More collapsible cells

klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Fri Aug 10 10:35:07 CDT 2012

Double click on left side of cell output in IPython Notebook, first
reduces cell output to couple of lines, and then on double click again
it collapses it totally. This is great feature to me, and I would like
to know if there is a way to do the same/similar for whole cell also?

If there is a reason not to do it, maybe then allow collapsing on
markdown cells?

For example, I have a notebook with a bit larger XML file (in markdown
cell) that I use for reference while requesting XML-RPC to server, and
it would be handy if I could collapse it.

Also one OT question: I think you all like github and would like to
hear if there is any chance that you allow github markdown code block
syntax, like:

``` python
some python code

instead or side by side with current syntax of using 4 spaces indentation?

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