[IPython-User] More collapsible cells

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Fri Aug 10 11:04:54 CDT 2012

Le 10 août 2012 à 17:35, klo uo a écrit :

> Double click on left side of cell output in IPython Notebook, first
> reduces cell output to couple of lines, and then on double click again
> it collapses it totally. This is great feature to me, and I would like
> to know if there is a way to do the same/similar for whole cell also?

There use to be issues with CodeMirror when showing/hidding it and disagreement on what the UI should be.
see PR #1300

> If there is a reason not to do it, maybe then allow collapsing on
> markdown cells?

I don't think there is.

> For example, I have a notebook with a bit larger XML file (in markdown
> cell) that I use for reference while requesting XML-RPC to server, and
> it would be handy if I could collapse it.
> Also one OT question: I think you all like github and would like to
> hear if there is any chance that you allow github markdown code block
> syntax, like:
> ``` python
> some python code
> ```
> instead or side by side with current syntax of using 4 spaces indentation?

Difference is that github render the markdown server side.
And I don't think we do. We still have a rst render service (unused I think) 
So I don't see any reason not to have markdown.

One thing fernando want for a long time is to make reference to a python object from within markdown (limited to its _repr_*_) 
So that you could write something like:

"and we see in the above code that at the end foo is equal to ::foo::"
(I'm just imaging some syntax here) 

If you want to give it shot and make a PR ... even with some draft code to discuss.
There are still lot of PR around, so don't expect feedback too soon.

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