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Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Fri Aug 10 11:42:48 CDT 2012

Le 10 août 2012 à 18:29, klo uo a écrit :

> Thanks Matthias for your fast reply :)
> On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 6:04 PM, Matthias BUSSONNIER wrote:
>> There use to be issues with CodeMirror when showing/hidding it and disagreement on what the UI should be.
>> see PR #1300
> Great reference for my question; acknowledged as not possible at the moment
> I like ellisonbg's reply, as that's where I also expect Notebook to go
> - resizable, dragable, arrangeable, ..., cells and yet I expect more
> surprises as I get with every new major release ;)
>> Difference is that github render the markdown server side.
>> And I don't think we do. We still have a rst render service (unused I think)
>> So I don't see any reason not to have markdown.
>> One thing fernando want for a long time is to make reference to a python object from within markdown (limited to its _repr_*_)
>> So that you could write something like:
>> "and we see in the above code that at the end foo is equal to ::foo::"
>> (I'm just imaging some syntax here)
>> If you want to give it shot and make a PR ... even with some draft code to discuss.
>> There are still lot of PR around, so don't expect feedback too soon.
> OK, thanks, I wanted to hear what you think
> It's interesting idea, although I haven't used markdown cells very
> much despite it's usefulness
> About PR it's very long shot for. I tried couple of times to
> understand IPython flow, even used Understand to visualize it :) but
> it's too complex for me and it's changing too fast, so although I like
> to contribute it's just a wish unfortunately

You can have a look at issues marked 'quickfix' of 'scipy2012 sprint' if you want to 
Just comment on them if you need pointers.

I started contributing 11 month ago, a 10 line patch,  that took me hours to write,
and was restarted from 0 several time to have correct.

So don't despair, you'll get some of the internal eventually,  but you'll need to fight 
with it a little. This is one of the reason we tend to help people making PR even if 
we would have made them much faster. 


> Cheers
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