[IPython-User] Need more direction Manual SSH tunnels and qtconsole setup

reckoner reckoner@gmail....
Fri Aug 10 15:36:37 CDT 2012

   >The ports are specified in that JSON file, and are randomized. 
   >on your setup, IPython can try to do the port forwarding for you, in 
   >case you would do:
   >[bob] $ ipython qtconsole --existing kernel-ssh.json
   > ----- snip------
   >I hope that clears some things up.

Thanks for the detailed reply. However, I get the following error:

line 725, in unserialize
     raise ValueError("Invalid Signature: %r"%signature)
ValueError: Invalid Signature: '5f4c8fc192935e9c612c61660ead7e7a'

I followed your instructions exactly. What am I missing here?


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