[IPython-User] notebook tex parsing & cell hiding

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Sun Aug 12 05:40:39 CDT 2012

Hi Johan

> Hello All,
> I may have overlooked some features of the notebook. The following things might be handy:
> 1) Hiding cells: sometimes large calculation cells are no necessary to be displayed. E.g. for a long plotting commands only the result is interesting when printing or displaying to other users

It is present for some time (I thought it was  in 0.13) , click/double click the output prompt area to cycle between scrollable and hidden cell output.

> 2) It might be interesting to render python input (as an option or even a cell based option) to latex. Expressions as a_i = (5+a_j2)/2 could for example be rendered as a_i = \frac{ {5+a_{j2}}{2}

Object can defines a _repr_latex_ for output , see example in docs/example/notebook.
For example, sympy. 

see also 
to convert .ipynb to html/latex/pdf

here is an example of ipynb file converted to pdf without further modification.

> As I'm a structural engineer these options will enable me (and other users) to print calculations directly to pdf for our reports. No readers/clients will be interested in python code, but they will like pretty printed math code.
> I don't know if these features are already provide (or in a development branch) but if not, I think it might be an interesting feature for some engineers.
> Johan
> PS: to the developers: if such things is not provide but possible to implement as I  have experience with python and web development 

If you are able to implement some improvement, please open a Pull Request on github, we'll b happy to review. 
Don't hesitate if you need some pointer on where to start. 

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