[IPython-User] ipython notebook not displaying output cells

Phil Austin mkpaustin@gmail....
Tue Aug 14 14:35:14 CDT 2012

We're trying to set up ipython 0.13 in an undergraduate lab with Windows 
7 machines
using EPD 7.3, followed by:

easy_install -U ipython
easy_install -U tornado


ipython profile create

in a user directory.

opening ipython in either a regular console (Pylab desktop shortcut) or
the qtconsole  both work fine, but when we start a notebook

ipython notebook

in firefox 14

command cells appear to execute, but there is no output.
mathjax formatting and markdown cells render fine, however.

A screen shot showing the state after a ctrl-enter:

Quick googling didn't turn up anything exactly like this, but
it seems like firewall settings might be implicated?  Any
suggestions on how to debug are welcome.

thanks, Phil

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