[IPython-User] Run Python with IPython from a stick?

Marcos Duarte duartexyz@gmail....
Fri Aug 24 10:32:38 CDT 2012

Mark Bakker wrote :
> I would like to run Python from a USB stick.
> Options I know about are Portable Python (which doesn't include IPython)
and Movable Python (which doesn't seem to have a release beyond Python 2.5,
but did include IPython).
> Anybody know of other options?

I installed IPython 0.13 after Portable Python in MS Windows and
everything seems to work fine (including the IPython notebook).
I created an installation of that for my students (so, they have to work
more on their excuses...). You can download it here
file has 64 MB (compressed) and 286 MB when uncompressed (it includes lots
of libraries for scientific programming).

Hope this helps

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