[IPython-User] Advice on running a server with multiple users

Benjie Chen benjie@ginkgobioworks....
Fri Aug 24 13:58:15 CDT 2012


I am running an iPython server with multiple users. We are running
into this problem where it's fairly easy for users to open the same
notebook, thereby stepping on each other's kernel. What's the current
advice for handling this? And what features may be coming in the near
and long term dealing with this issue?

For example, I can envision that if user authentication is supported
(is it?), then a notebook can have multiple kernels, each kernel
belong to a user. A user can only enter his/her own kernel, but can
enter readonly mode of other kernels. Warnings are given when user
opens a new kernel on a notebook that already exists an active kernel,
so they know the danger of overwriting each other's changes.



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