[IPython-User] Advice on running a server with multiple users

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Fri Aug 24 14:20:58 CDT 2012

Le 24 août 2012 à 20:58, Benjie Chen a écrit :

> Hi,
> I am running an iPython server with multiple users. We are running
> into this problem where it's fairly easy for users to open the same
> notebook, thereby stepping on each other's kernel. What's the current
> advice for handling this?

There is good mechanism right now to deal with this, except running one server per user.
The notebook server has no notion of user. The easiest that could be done is detect if web socket are
already connected and send a warning that the same notebook might already be opened from elsewhere.

> And what features may be coming in the near
> and long term dealing with this issue?

We have multiuser login/collaboration as short term plan, but this is still **a lot** of work.
The target is something like google docs with a per cell lock, but we are a long way to that

> For example, I can envision that if user authentication is supported
> (is it?),
Only password for now, there is no notion of ID.

> then a notebook can have multiple kernels,
That won't happend
1 notebook - 1 kernel we are pretty inflexible on that. 
people will have to fork the ipynb file.
like you fork a repo an github.

> each kernel
> belong to a user. A user can only enter his/her own kernel, but can
> enter readonly mode of other kernels.
that will be the first step in collaboration yes, you will be able to see a static view of the **notebook**.

> Warnings are given when user
> opens a new kernel on a notebook that already exists an active kernel,
> so they know the danger of overwriting each other's changes.
Each user will have access to it's folder, you will never work on the same file, unless you have a live collaboration.
In the end you should never have the same file opened in 2 pages with difference state.

> Thanks,
We hope to be able to offer you multi user soon, and we always welcome people helping, don't hesitate !

I hope I answered your questions.

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