[IPython-User] Change Notebook CSS?

G B g.c.b.at.work@gmail....
Fri Aug 24 18:43:48 CDT 2012

It doesn't seem to be getting picked up.  I'm running iPython 0.14 on OS X
10.8.1, browsing from Safari.

Just to make sure I'm not being overly literal in interpreting your

My configuration directory is ~/.ipython

I've put a file called 'custom.css' into

I also created a directory tree at
~/.ipython/profile/profile_default/static/css/ but that also didn't work.
 I believe the tree at ~/.ipython/profile_default/ is the correct one, but
I'd like to confirm that.

In custom.css, I put a simple:
h3 {font-style:italic;}

Looking at the page as loaded, the h3 elements do not carry the italic
style, and the custom.css style doesn't seem to be included at all.  Do I
need to change a configuration parameter somewhere to tell iPython to look
for custom.css?

I've closed the open notebook pages and shut down the notebook server and
the relaunched the server, which opens a fresh page.  Do I need to do all
that, or just refresh the page to pick up a new custom.css?

I'm pretty much new to everything I'm doing here-- I'm not a seasoned
Python developer, I've been using iPython for days, I've only toyed with
HTML and CSS in the past...  It's quite likely that I'm doing something
wrong at a very basic level.

Any ideas?  Thanks for the patience...


On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 1:14 AM, Matthias BUSSONNIER <
bussonniermatthias@gmail.com> wrote:

> Le 24 août 2012 à 01:36, G B a écrit :
> > Is there a way to modify the notebook stylesheet?  I'd like to emphasize
> the markdown cells and de-emphasize the code cells to make for a more human
> readable document...  The config file doesn't seem to list a parameter for
> the stylesheet though.
> Which version are you using ?
> In 0.12-0.13 the easiest is to write CSS in a markdown cell.
> In 0.14 you can overwrite the default css or ad your own on a per profile
> basis
> by creating a .ipython/profile/profile_xxx/static/css/custom.css  file
> with the rules you want inside.
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> Matthias
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> > Thanks!
> >  Greg
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