[IPython-User] Interrupting current calculation in an ipython embedded in a Qt gui app

Antony Lee antony.lee@berkeley....
Tue Dec 4 13:16:25 CST 2012

Actually the trouble with zmq was probably due to some sloppy installation
of python and distribute themselves on windows (not my usual platform); I
fixed that now.

So, I followed the recipe here:
to embed a qtconsole in my app; however I am still unable to interrupt a
calculation running in ipython.  Now Ctrl-C gives me either no response, or
sometimes the error message "Kernel process is either remote or
unspecified. Cannot interrupt.", but only after execution has finished, and
because this recipe does not put IPython in its own thread (I did try
initializing the kernel with --gui=qt, to no avail), the GUI hangs; and if
I send an interrupt_kernel() to the kernel_manager after while no
computation is running, I get a "RuntiemError: Cannot interrupt kernel. No
kernel is running!".

Thanks in advance for your help,


2012/12/4 Thomas Kluyver <takowl@gmail.com>

> What trouble do you have with zmq? That's the way we support the Qt
> console, including on Windows, so it sounds like the best point to tackle.
> Thomas
> On 4 December 2012 09:31, Antony Lee <antony.lee@berkeley.edu> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am embedding ipython in a Qt gui app.  ipython is running in its own
>> QThread (in the terminal, not in a Qt widget -- I have trouble making zmq
>> work on Windows and I have to support this platform too...).
>> I would like a way to stop the computation ipython is currently doing,
>> either with Ctrl-C, or with a command from the app (basically something
>> like throwing a KeyboardInterrupt in ipython's thread).  Unfortunately,
>> Ctrl-C raises a KeyboardInterrupt in the *main* thread, not ipython's
>> thread; and I see no way to achieve that by running commands from another
>> thread.
>> Any help would be welcome!
>> Antony
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